Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Angry Democrats? Look who's Angry Now -- Orrin Hatch

So, the digs about the angry Democrats keep coming.

From an email from BYU Republicans to supporters and leadership about today's dueling protests, quoted by today's Deseret News:

That said, the e-mail took a typical political dig at the other side: "Although, if the Democrats got upset at us and lost their tempers, it might make great news. Remember Howard Dean?"

Yeah, I remember Howard Dean yelling at a political rally that was NOISY.

I also remember Zell Miller and Dick Cheney at the REPUBLICAN National Convention in 2004. (Yes, I know Zell is a "Democrat," but he WAS speaking at the Republican COnvention....)

I also remember Orrin Hatch this past Sunday:

And from the Clarence Thomas Debates:

And, just for fun, Armed Groups from Latin America:

And I almost forgot Orrin flipping us off:

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