Wednesday, April 04, 2007

BYU Democratic Rally A success, Republicans Fail To Draw A Crowd

Mike Jones at Utahania took a peek at the dueling protests at BYU today:

Conservatively, (I am a conservative after all) the anti-Cheney protest by the BYU Democrats drew 2 times as many people as the pro-Cheney protest staged by the BYU Republicans. The Republican protest drew about 3 uniformed ROTC students while the Democrat one appeared to draw none. It was hard to spot military uniforms through all the people at the Democrats' protest. Graduation should be interesting. I'll bring a camera to this one.

The Tribune backs up that comment, putting numbers at about 200 for the Democrats and about 75 for the Republicans.

This despite the fact that the Republicans had free food and football.

Good Job BYU Democrats!

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