Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ENDORSEMENT: Daily Democrats for Utah County Democratic Executive Committee

I hereby declare my endorsement for the Executive Committee of the Utah County Democrats. I usually don't do any endorsements on a group level. However, The group calling itself the Daily Democrats is presenting a united front to bulid the Democratic Party in Utah County.

What they are promising:

1. a clear message
2. a permanent infrastructure
3. grassroots involvement
4. steady sources of funds
5. candidate recruitment and support.

These are great plans from great people.

Who are the Daily Democrats?

Mary Lou Huffmon is running for Chair. She is a retired reading specialist who has been involved with the League of Women Voters, as well as the County and State Democratic Parties.

Kena Mathews is running for Vice Chair. She is the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Utah County. She is currently chair of the Democratic Women of Utah County, former Deputy Finance Director for Wayne Owens, and former inter for Bill Orton.

Chris Stowe is running for Treasurer. He is a BYU student majoring in American Studies. He did work for the Christian Burridge and Jim Matheson campaigns. He runs the blog YDems.

Millicent Lewis is running for secretary. She is a stay at home mom and local artist who has been active in the Democratic Party for four years.

I hereby encourage all Delegates in Utah County to vote for the 4 Daily Democrat candidates as your next Executive Committee.


Chris said...

Thanks for the Endorsement Bob! We hope to serve Utah County with pride.

Edward Lalone said...

My endorsement is to the slate of candidates led by Richard Davis, a BYU Political Science Professor, and while I respect all that Mary Lou, Kena and Millicent have done for the Party here in Utah County my personal endorsement is for the New Utah County Dems slate which includes:

County Chair, Richard Davis
Vice Chair, Larry Brown
Secretary, Hinckley Jones-Sanpei
Treasurer, Kristin Gerdy

After speaking with Richard I feel that the vision offered by the New Utah County Dems is what is needed here in Utah County. I appreciate all of the hard work that Richard, Larry and Hinckley have put into creating the new County Ten Year Strategic Plan and I believe that this slate of candidates for county office will effectively implement the Plan. I also commend Mary Lou and Millicent for the part they played in creating this plan.

I believe the experience these four exceptional people will bring to the County Party will help to transform the County Party. To learn more about the New Utah County Dems visit:


Edward Lalone
Former Candidate - Utah State House