Monday, April 02, 2007

Shame on Senate Democrats

One of my favorite families that I met on my LDS mission was the Barg Family. The Bargs were truly good people. They lived on a pig farm that Brother Barg's family had been on for three generations.

That's right, a pig farm.

In that ward, there were two sets of missionaries. The "south" Elders were Elder Zook and Elder Inskeep. Elder Inskeep grew up around potato farms in Blackfoot Idaho, and was a county boy to the core. My companion, Elder Wangsgard, was the son of dairy farmers in Cache Vally, Utah. I was a suburban boy who thought he had a little county in him before meeting Inskeep and Wansgard. Elder Zook was far from a country boy, having been raised in Los Angeles County.

We had many opportunities to offer service to the Barg family on our Preparation Day. We built a pig pen one day. When the snow was about to fly, we helped them prepare.

I learned one good lesson that applies to politics on that farm:

Pork stinks.

It doesn't just stink when you arrive. It gets imbedded into your clothes and everything else. You can't eat finger foods for three days after working on the farm because no amount of lemon fresh Joy can get rid of the smell.

Unfortunately, the Senate Democrats decided that they would be like the Republicans and add pork to any bill they feel like.

The pork that was added to the Iraq Appropriations bill is shameful and downright disgusting.



Cameron said...

Hurray, and well said.

Justin said...

Everybody knows that bill will be vetoed. Everybody knew that the Democrats didn't have the votes from the start. The "pork" was added to get the votes it took to pass. It worked. The president will veto it. The Democrats will send back another bill without the withdrawal date and without the pork. It will pass. The president will sign it. The show will be over and the war will go on.

Justin said...

...and since we're talking about money, spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is expected to increase to $9.8 billion per month this fiscal year.

Bob said...

See my response to Justin here: