Thursday, April 12, 2007

SLC Government Exposes My eMail Address

Someone at sent out an email advertising an event. I won't mention the event, because I'm boycotting said event.

The reason I am boycotting said event is because whomever sent out the eMail put EVERY recipient's email address in the to column, allowing all of us to see each other's email. I didn't count, but it's in the several hundred people range. I'm sure even more spammers than already have it will now get it for free.

I hope that some spambots pick up 's email address from my blog. It's called payback.


P.S.-- I don't really mind having my eMail address out there. It allows people to send my stuff like announcements for big events, like the one I'm not mentioning that Salt Lake City was sending me. For the record, my eMail address is b o b i s c o o k i e m o n s t e r (AT) y a h o o (dot) c o m.

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