Wednesday, May 09, 2007


A certain local blogger/political activist has been trying to get me to read his blog.

He has signed me up for numerous email lists over the past few months that all send out his blog postings.

And I immediately unsubscribe to them.

If I wanted to read your blog all the time, I would have a subscription to it in Google Reader.

I do occasionally read your blog. However, I don't like it being shoved down my throat all the time.


P.S. -- Ye ain't no pirate.


Part of the Plan said...

What's sad is how he needs to post so many photos of himself. Now he's gone and promoted himself to "Captain"...that's really pathetic. Not to mention childish.

Hey, I know what to do about a restraining order?

JM Bell said...


No doubt. Hey, how come we're not saying Captain Bonehead's name?

He's getting seriously mental, I agree. I further agree that if he's a pirate, I'm a dragon.

RAWWWWWR! I'm a dragon! I'm Captain Dragon! Scourge of the Seas ... er ... skies!

JM Bell said...

Oh, hell, I forgot to mention:

He has 3 of my email addresses on his silly mailing list. With one of them, I got into a heated exchange with him to get off his list, and he wouldn't take me off for weeks.

Finally, he did.

Then he changed services, and, there it was again, with the same, lame arguments about how I had signed up for it and how he hadn't bought a list.

Captain Bonehead (really, why is no one using his name?) will not go away. He giving narcissists, like me, a bad name.

Part of the Plan said...

This was my ode to him back in January:

Wonder why he gave up the "Mustang" handle? I liked it, since it reminded me of "Jackass".

Bob said...

We're not naming names, because I don't want to give the Captain any more attention than he deserves.

Saying his name will let the narcissists win.