Thursday, May 24, 2007

Democrats Don't Deserve the Majority

At the rate we're going, the Democrats are going to hand the Republicans the White House and both the House and the Senate.

And we deserve it.

Democrats caved to pressure from the White House. They authorized 4 more months of spending in Iraq.

And for what? The only concessions the White House gave up were items that the bills says the White House can ignore if they wanted to.

Not that that matters, because we all know that they would have ignored them even if we hadn't given them permission to. However, now we don't have a leg to stand on when Bush ignores those items.

65% of Americans want our troops out of Iraq within a year. Yet our congress, elected by the people, have ignored this request.

Just six years ago, Democrats won an election where they claimed they would bring a swift end to this war. They were taking a stand. They were taking back our country.

This action was not about taking a stand. It was not about taking back our country. It was about allowing the name callers on the other side define who we were. Democrats gave money to the troops. Twice. However, Bush denyed the funding.

Yet, the lack of funding was our fault. Why? Because Democrats are too chicken-shit to stand up for themselves.

Yep I said it.


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Randy - Utah Conservitive Democrat Blogger said...

Bush is Stubbern. But I Personally have desided That im not going to push for bush's Impeachment, and i think I Still have problem's with this war. But I think We Need to Let the troops Do There Job. If we want to leave we should Withdrawl Slowly. Like Jim Matheson and Steve Olsen Think we should do.