Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm worried about you, Ethan

Ethan over at SLCSpin has me worried.

I hope he's doing OK.

When he first started going ballistic over the ReAL soccer complex thing, I thought maybe he was just overly excited about it.

The thought also occured to me that he was listening too much to his corporate daddy over at the radio station.

However, I've noticed he seems to be swearing. Much more than he used to. JMBell has noticed it, too.

Now, I've been known to spout off a cuss word from time to time, but usually the only time I write one is when I get really angry. And usually, when I get that angry, it's because there is a third influence out there.

In other words, if I start cussing on my blog, it's because I'm having issues.

So, Ethan, I hope all is well with you. If not, please make it so.



JM Bell said...

We should run over to Broadcast House and give Ethan a big group hug.

But, Bob, insofar as Ethan does not believe that he is a Pirate Captain, I think he's ... not out of his gourd yet. I think he just bears watching. Closely.

Ethan said...

Bob, thanks for thinking of me. I think I may be subconsciously tied to the phases of the moon.