Monday, May 07, 2007

To James Evans: Bring it On!

I was going to write a post yesterday after reading the following in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Watch out, Peter Corroon. The Republicans are coming.
The Salt Lake County Republicans hope to outrun the popular mayor in the polls next year under the direction of James Evans, re-elected party chairman during Saturday's convention at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy.
With occasional barbs about Corroon's handling of the Real Salt Lake stadium deal, Evans said his "No. 1" priority is to defeat the Democrat in the next election - a position that resonated with hundreds of county conservatives.

The post was basically going to tell him to go ahead, because Mayor Corroon has major support here in Salt Lake County.

Then, I read this article in today's paper:

The mayor's approval rating now hovers near 68 percent in the county, with his numbers soaring to a Huntsman-esque 77 percent within Salt Lake City, according to a recent Deseret Morning News/KSL-TV poll.
His negative rating never has topped 8 percent, Jones said, a number that could make Corroon "hard to beat."

Shaun and I were at the Salt Lake County Republican Convention last year where Mr Evans decaired his number one priority to be unseating County Clerk Sherrie Swenson. Ms Swenson won by 20 points. Meanwhile, the incumbent Auditor lost by half a point, and the incumbent Sheriff ("helped" by James Evans himself) lost by a nearly 2-1 margin.

So, Mr Evans, Go ahead. Go after the most popular politicians in Utah. You'll just make the Democrats' jobs a heckofalot easier.



JM Bell said...

How, how, how do we get James to give up that silly County Chair seat and run for the one he really wants.

James Evans - UT State GOP Chair

Anonymous said...

Please, from now on he is Chairman Jimmy.

Jimmy talks a lot but the truth is most everything that he says is shit.

Want to see an elephant with two assholes and no trunk? Go visit Jimmy at his pay day loan store.