Saturday, May 26, 2007

You and What Army?

Back when I was trying to survive junior high, a popular phrase was "you and what army?"

I meant that, basically, it would take a whole army to do whatever you were trying to do.

Now, George W Bush is telling Iran to stop building nukes, or we're going to stop it for him.

To which Iran is saying, you guessed it, "You and what army?"

Because, well, we don't exactly have the ability to adaquately fight annother war at the moment. Our troops are stetched so thing fighting for "democracy" or some other such nonsense that it's taken us 5.5 years to fight WarOnTerror:Afghanistan, and we still have not found what we're looking for.

So, what is George's plan for stopping Iran?


1 comment:

JM Bell said...

He knows we don't have the military might left to do it. He's gonna fk'n nuke 'em.