Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ban ALL Personal Fireworks

There is no reason whatsoever that we should allow personal firworks in this state. Even in the wettest of years, our wildlands are tinder dry by July. Not just our wildlands, but even large grassy areas in urban areas can go up pretty fast, endangering nearby homes.

With so many high-quality professional displays around, you small, personal displays are pathetic and anti-climatic. Not to mention the pollution they cause.

Anyone care to say why I'm wrong?



Oldenburg said...

I agree. Personal fireworks are dangerous (losing limbs burns etc not just forest fires), loud, annoying, and incite idiocy.

Maybe it is a part of the wild west aspect of America, but I never got why we permit fireworks to be sold just about everywhere to just about everyone.

Part of the Plan said...

I completely agree, it's really a no-brainer. The massive resistance to a complete ban speaks volumes to the intellectual capital of Utahns.

What's even more curious to me is how some fireworks are "legal" and others are not. Who made this determination and what was their criteria? I'm almost afraid to ask: was it the Legislature?

Cameron said...

You're wrong. Last night I sat in my circle and did a few fireworks. Nobody died. My kids loved it. Nothing burned down because the "legal" fireworks go maybe two feet high, and the sparks landed on the road.