Monday, August 20, 2007

False Values

Hat Tip: Utah Amicus.

Friday's Daily Herald (emphasis mine):

Bryan Horn, the former president of the UVSC College Republicans, was working for a Democratic congressional candidate in the last election cycle. One night while putting out campaign signs, he saw other placards that read, "Vote your values. Vote Republican."

Those signs were ubiquitous by election day. And as Horn talked to people on behalf of his candidate, someone asked him, "Aren't you very offended by those signs?"

And he was, Horn responded: "I said, 'Actually, yes.' "

That began a process that culminates Saturday with an announcement that Horn, 25, will seek a seat in the Utah House of Representatives next year -- running as a Democrat.

"My mind had been made up during the '06 general (election)," he said. The Republican Party "is not the party that I love, that I'm used to."

Until the Repoublican Party goes back to the values that really matter to Utah's families, they will continue to lose good people like Bryan Horn. That's part of the reason they lost me. And until that time, their loss is the Democrats' gain.


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Josh Daniels said...

wow bob, i'm shocked at your command of the facts. Bryan Horn couldn't care less about values. He worked for John Jacob and was as conservative as they come, then when Jacob lost and Cannon's camp refused to hire him he did the politically expedient thing and got a job working for Burridge. So if by values you mean political expedience then yes, the Utah Democratic party is one of values, politically expedient values. Silly me, and I thought values were supposed to be exogenous, timeless, and objective, not convenient or subjective.