Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hatch Has Been Good For Utah

The Third Avenue has asked the question. Now, I must answer it.

How has Hatch been good for Utah?


*Well, it's been nice to have a good laugh once in a while.
*Makes Chris Cannon not look so bad.
*His "music" has kept terrorists out of Utah since 1976. They feel bad for us.
*Tens of tourist dollars from people seeing if we are all that stupid.
*Has let thousands of Utah schoolchildren groow up with the belief that they, too, could one day become a music legend or a U.S. Senator. Because if Orrin did it, so can we!

All that being said, I think the best thing Hatch could do for Utah is go home.


JM Bell said...

Go home? To Pennsylvania? or D.C.?

Bob said...


David said...

I didn't think that anyone would manage to come up with ways Hatch has been good for Utah but you win.

To answer JM, who cares as long as he's out of office. The sooner the better so I say "Hatch for AG." (It gets him retired at least 4 years earlier.)