Friday, August 17, 2007

Special Session Wednesday -- School Districts and Puppy Torture

Governor Huntsman has called the legislators into special session this coming Wednesday, August 22. This is to fix problems that have arisen in the school district split controversy.

Oh, and there's one more major thing they are discussing.

Remember when, at the end of the session, the legislators pushed until beyond the last minute the puppy torture bill? And how, when they "passed" it too late on purpose, they could say that they tried, but "ran out of time," thereby thrying to appease supporters of the bill, yet not actually have it go into effect?

Well, Gov Huntsman is calling their bluff. Puppy Torture is on the agenda Wednesday.


1 comment:

Oldenburg said...

Good for Huntsman. I am glad some one called them on that "saved by the bell" excuse.

Too bad it took the Guv 11 days to step up to the plate in the mine rescue.