Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From the Way-Back Machine: September 11, 2001 -- "A day that will live in Infamy"

In the summer of 2001, I came accross a friend's online diary. On September 7 of that year, I started writing my own online journal. The title of it was The world according to me. I know, you're shocked, aren't you? Anyway, I raelly don't want to say much about today, but I feel like I need to say something. But I've said it already. From the second-ever entry:

6:45 PM, MT. We are now 12 hours from when our world started to get turned on it's head. 12 hours ago, A beautiful day had either dawned or was about to dawn on the country. The largest buildings in the largest city in the country were standing majestically above lady liberty. The headquarters of the United States War Department had never come under attack. People were free to fly whereever they wanted. Things are different. It was said on a local radio station today that every generation seems to have one moment, one day, that is a "day that will live in infamy," as President Roosevelt said. Sure, there are long-ranging events such as the depression or Vietnam, but these are singular days. My Granparents had December 7, 1941. My Parents, November 22, 1963. Now, My generation has September 11, 2001. I will atempt to let you in to MY day, maybe as a journal entry.

When I woke up this morning, my biggest worry was a blocked sink drain (which is still clogged). SHortly before leaving the house for school, I was reading page 4 of the sports section when my sister said "OH my heck. there is a hole in the world trade center." My first reaction was thinking maybe they were showing footage from a new movie. I was in shock as KSL had a CNN feed of the world trade center with the tag on the bottom "Plane crashes into world trade center." While I thought that horrific, it was time to go to school. I was two blocks from home, listening to KSL Radio, when the reporter said "Oh my God. A plane has just flown into the other tower!" I drove to school in a state of shock. After arriving at school, my friend and I went straight to the college center to watch the TV. shortly after sitting down, they went to a shot of the Pentagon. They needent tell me what I was seeing. I knew that this had gone from merely a horrible terrorist act to an act of war. I sat in disbelief as I watched both towers collapse. I remebered the beautiful views that I enjoyed in 1993 4 months after the bombing in the parking garage, and my sister enjoyed just 3 months ago in June. I made friends with those whom I watched with, crying praying, and hugging complete strangers in mourning. I passed numerous american flags which hours before had flown at the tops of the poles, now dipped halfway to mourn. Today has been a long day. If a movie came out last week with any of these elements it would be called science fiction. Today, it's Reality, played on TV. Yes, Reality TV.

I have my onw thoughts about what may have happened, but I'll save those for a day when I can better sort my thoughts and feelings. In the meantime, my heartfelt prayers go out to the victims and thier families. That includes us all, as we have all been victimized by this.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but my spirit will live on!"

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