Friday, September 14, 2007

Jenny WIlson's a Woman?

I was going to breakfast with some coworkers this morning when I saw the headling accross the top of the Deseret News. I knew this had blog post written all over it.

Loss bodes ill for women in politics, Wilson says

In the article, Jenny Wilson brings up the "people hate me because of Rocky Anderson" card. This is so blatantly stupid for two reasons.

One: Rocky had what sounds like a genuine concern for Ms Wilson and her family. It is a legitimate concern for anyone with a young family seeking out a political office, whether male or female. Rocky expressed this concern privately to Ms Wilson and her father. It was Ms WIlson's mother in law who first mentioned it in her blog, then it got picked up by her mother in law's replacement in the Tribune. Rocky the penned an op-ed piece that ran in the Trib two days before the election defending himself. Wilson then held a press conference that very day to again bring up the subject.

It was only an issue because Jenny Wilson made it an issue.

Two: Do you really think the voters in Salt Lake City are really that sexist? REALLY? Salt Lake County, maybe. But, then again, Jenny Wilson did beat an incumbent male in the county just 3 years ago, so that can't be it.

People didn't not elect you (I know, bad grammar) because you are a woman, a mother, or anything else. You didn't get picked because people didn't like the campaign you ran, your record, or they just liked someone else's campaign or record beter than yours. Deal with it. Work hard these next couple of years so you have something better to run for reelection on that "Daddy's little martyr."


P.S. -- Better write it down in your journals: Sept 14, 2007: Bob defends Rocky

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