Friday, September 28, 2007

Libertarian Party endorses vouchers, big government

The Libertarian Party of Utah has bought into the lies and endorsed Referendum 1.

This is probably the first time in the history of the Libertarian Party that they have endorsed more government influence in our lives.

Ref 1 creates a new government bureaucracy to handle vouchers. It also get government involved in an area that they've never been involved before: private schools.

Referendum 1 is a bad idea. Vote NO on November 6.



Jeremy said...

One more reason why I as a real libertarian can't join the Libertarian party.

You have to admit though that at least they are intellectually honest voucher supporters. They freely admit that the reason they want this program is that it is the first step is dismantling our existing public school system.

Referendum One said...

I've been reading Mata Hari at "against utah vouchers" and think she's come to the same conclusion, Jeremy. Couple her posts with what Kenneth Cole wrote this week at Republican Wondering, and I think there's a full-fledged undercurrent at work behind PCE.