Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lights Out Utah -- Stupidest Thing Ever

So, we're supposed to turn all of our lights off for one hour tonight to promote energy conservation.

#1: It won't work. Most Utahns are fairly ignorant of this "event" occuring.

#2: What will not using electricity for an hour really teach us? Sure, I learned in blackouts that I use electronic stuff way more than I want to. But, it doesn't make me conserve any more electricty.

No, this is really just a feel-good measure that won't do anything other than give a few businesses and politicians a reason to give themselves an undeserved pat on the back.


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rmwarnick said...

We're supposed to turn off "non-essential" lights. Since I don't turn on any lights that aren't essential, my interpretation is, I don't have to turn any off!

And let's not even talk about the TV. "The Daily Show" comes on at nine.