Thursday, September 13, 2007

Paul Rolly Needs To Check His Facts

Wednesday's Tribune:

They're everywhere: EnergySolutions, of course, is now the name of the old Delta Center where the Jazz play. EnergySolutions has been seen on uniforms of maintenance workers at Franklin Covey Field and, now, it's on the uniforms of some election judges.

Actually, the name of the building formerly known as Delta Center is EnergySolutions Arena, not EnergySolutions. EnergySolutions is a hazardous waste dump in Tooele County which paid millions of dollars to put their name to have an arena named after them. Other groups which have done other things include Delta Airlines, Jon Huntsman Sr, Robert L Rice, the Eccles family, USANA health sciences, and many more, including Franklin Covey.

The maitenance workers at Franklin Covey Field work for EnergySolutions Arena. They are the same maitenance workers that have worked there for 3 years now. Most of the employees at FranklinCOvey Field have employee ID cards that say EnergySolutions Arena on them, because that is the name of their employer.

Reaaly, Mr Rolly, the fact that you've made me defend EnergySolutions is dispicable.


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