Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Taco Stand Bathroom


Salt Lake City is asking taco carts to dish up more than carne asada and barbacoa. The sidewalk chefs now must deliver restroom access, cleaner paths and smaller canopies, according to a city ordinance passed unanimously by the City Council on Tuesday night.


Under the new ordinance, street vendors now must snag a signed agreement with a neighboring business to allow cart operators to use restrooms during all hours the vendors are open. And stands south of 600 South - where more customers typically drive in rather than walk up - would have to arrange with surrounding property owners for parking - if the city transportation engineer so orders. Sidewalks where they operate have to be cleaned at least twice a month.

Bathrooms. Really? Does this mean that the Rite Aid on Main Street between South Temple and 100 South has to provide a bathroom as well? How about parking?

Is this really a problem?

"Our business neighborhood is becoming a blighted area," Mike Holt, general manager of Western Wholesale Flooring, 823 S. Main St., told the City Council on Tuesday. He said customers of the nearby taco stand have been seen urinating in the store's parking lot.

I'm pretty sure that this problem has already been solved. The city already has a urinating-in-public ordinance.

One of the best things SLC has going for it is the taco stands, especially the ones that don't sell tacos. It sounds like they are going to make an effort to drive them out of business....


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