Thursday, September 06, 2007

Vouchers: I was wrong on accountability; It's even worse

Last week, I stated that private schools that accept vouchers will not be accountable to the public. I got that information from many conversations I have had with voucher supporters.

However, now that that doesn't look so appealing, the voucher supporters are telling the truth. From Coolest Family Ever:

Section 5 of HB 148 requires regular achievement testing for all students participating in the voucher program. It also requires full disclosure of test results to parents AND disclosure of anonymized results to any third party that requests them. This is in additional to regular audits by an independent CPA to be given to the state both prior to becoming eligible and every four years thereafter. You may argue that this portion of the law is not enough accountability or that you don't believe it will be properly enforced or used. You cannot, however, say there is zero accountability.

Which, by the way, is even more accountability than public schools have.

In other words, a private school that is accountable to the government. That sounds like we're really creating public schools for rich kids.

I thought that Conservatives were looking for the smallest government possible. Vouchers will INCREASE government.

Go figure.

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Jesse Harris said...

You see? Those are the kinds of arguments that hold water. I appreciate the clarity, Bob.