Thursday, September 20, 2007

VOUCHERS: Watch for paid pro-voucher bloggers coming soon!

Accountability has the details:

One young man, Jeffrey Isbell (, is coming from several states away just to write a weblog for Parents for Choice in Education from the end of September through Election Day. He writes,

Well, folks, from September 30 through Election Day (November 6), I will be blogging from the "great" state of Utah. No, I'm not becoming a Mormon like my home boy Mitt Romney. No, I'm not going out for the skiing, I'd break more than a leg or two. So, what am I doing?

Jeffrey writes about his temporary assignment here ( He says he was "offered a position to go out there for 5 weeks or so and make sure the good voters of Utah vote in favor of this awesome thing."

So, from September 30 through November 6, I'll be there. I know, I'll be away from friends and family, but they are more than welcome to come out and visit me, It's only 20 hours driving or 3 hours on a flight one way.

I consider this a great offer and jumped on the band wagon officially today. I look forward to working with the great people of Parents of Choice in Education (PCE) and meeting the voters of Utah. You'll know about this in the coming days.

Accountability also sends us a post from a blogger in Michigan who got the following email from the Young America's Foundation:

A group needs campaign workers. Details are as follows:

The teacher's union in Utah is trying to outlaw vouchers and there is a conservative group that is leading a ballot initiative to stop them. They are paying a lot of money, plus the roundtrip flight and a food stipend. Any YAFers that are interested can contact the person below. Here is the info.

Managers for Utah voucher ballot initiative battle...
Your compensation will be as follows:
1. PCE will pay you $6000, $3000 on October 15th and $3000 on November 6th.
2. PCE will provide your lodging.
3. PCE will provide a food stipend of $25.00 per day. This stipend will be paid in two payments, $550.00 on September 23rd and $600.00 on October 15th.
4. PCE will provide for your transportation.
5. PCE will pay for your flight to and from Salt Lake City .

You will report to Salt Lake City on September 23rd and will leave on November 7th.

thanks for the help.
Greg Graves
430 Phoenix Avenue, NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107>

$6,000 plus food and lodging for six weeks of blogging? And to think, I'm doing this for the tiny amount I get from my ad space.

But seriously, watch for some new pro-voucher blogs to start soon. And, they are people from out of state. It's bad enough that they are buying columnists, but buying bloggers?



Oldenburg said...

astroturf organizations, supporting conservative causes since 1968.

rmwarnick said...

Vouchers are "awesome"? I knew the Utah legislature was for rent, but this was ridiculous. Maybe that was awesome lobbying on the part of shadowy right-wingers.

A showdown of voters vs. corrupt politicians ought to be no contest, if I'm wrong I'll be very surprised.

JM Bell said...

Look ... When the hell are the lefties gonna pay me to be a lefty? Damn, I knew I shouldn't have been a lefty for free all my life.

Who buys the cow when they get the milk for free?

Bill Keshlear said...

I think you scared him off. He's not at your link. Or maybe he's playing a game of PCE "whackamole." Whack 'em and they'll just pop up some place else.

Or maybe a PCE somebody decided it wasn't such a good idea to hire a Pentecostal evangelist ( )to sell vouchers to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.