Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I hate reading the comments section of most blogs, etc.

(Cross posted to my humor blog, Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K)

Warning: PG-13 Rating is in place....


Doug said...

Well, most of the blogs I read comments on don't have quite *that much* language and off-topic innuendo (thank goodness!). . . but that was still pretty funny since it was so true. I especially liked the end with the "can you read this??" for the bot-spammers.

Anonymous said...

Some of you said that you tend to comment on blogs where the blogger writes back in the comments section which we typically don’t. This is simply a function of time; I love bogging but I do not want it take over my life. I do read all the comments, and sometimes respond privately. Very often, I believe the comments on this blog are better than the blog postings themselves. This makes sense: there are only two of us, and a lot of you. If you believe even a tiny bit in the wisdom of crowds, you have to love this dynamic


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