Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wo unto the liar, for he shall be thrust down to hell.

From Parents for Choice in Education:

Choice opponents' situational ethics don't stop there. The education establishment continues to use public resources, paid for by your tax dollars, in their campaign to take choice away from Utah parents.

This week in the "launch" of their campaign, opponents of parental choice drove a Salt Lake School District bus across three counties.

As Rob at the Utah Amicus points out, It was a privately owned bus That Utahns for Public Schools has rented.

But really, should we be surprised that PCE lies? I mean, look at how they frame voucher opponents.

Opponents of parental choice.

Actually, parents have educational choices as it stands.

You can choose to send your kid to just about any school you want, as long as that school has room for your child. That won't change a bit with vouchers.



Anonymous said...

How can we trust these people that they won't discriminate against our children? The way the use the words liberal, educrat, and union thugs (just to name a few) concerns me how my children will be treated because I choose to vote with a conscience.

I was always raised to respect my teachers, but PCE seems to not like those educators that have chosen a life of service for our children.

Vote against discrimination, vote no on vouchers!

Thomas said...

I agree, if you build a campaign on name calling, you don't build a "to do" any thing, just a reason "not to do." By name calling, Parents for Choice aren't building better schools. Vouchers won't build better schools. Competition won't build better schools because all it will do is take students out of schools, isolate them from the world, help them feel and act elitiest, and I wonder where that will lead our society. So bottom line, name calling bad, vouchers bad, strong public schools good, private schools funded with no state tax dollars from vouchers good.

Anonymous said...

Private school government subsidies (vouchers) are one of the most divisive issues in education in decades. There is no middle ground, only us vs them. Name calling by PCE is an excellent example. If you can't win an argument on the merits of your program, just vilify your opponents in public every chance you get, accuse them of being unfair and unAmerican, attach other hot button issues like gay marriage and gun control to this totally unrealted concept, and then hope people pay more attention to those scare tactics than they do the unnecessary, unaccountable, unaffordable law that the legislature passed by 1 vote.

Remember the 126,000 signatures that said this IS a Utah issue and that they believe in our public schools, the PTA and the teachers of this state.