Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bob Speaking to BYU Democrats TOMORROW!

That's right, everyone! The moment we've been waiting for and Provo has been dreading is finally upon us!

Wait, you haven't been waiting for anything? Well, I fell sorry for you.

What's the big event, you ask? Well, it's Bob's return to Provo, where he spent many glorious weeks this summer.

The purpose of this trip is not to get married, much to the disappointment of Rob Miller and my mother.

The purpose is that I have been asked to speak to the BYU College Democrats about vouchers.

The meeting will be Thursday, October 11 at 6:30 PM in room 240 of the Spencer W Kimball Tower (SWKT).

If you are the area, drop in! I'd love to see you!


P.S. -- as a consequence of my being in Happy Valley, The World will be closed until Friday.


Misty Fowler said...

Best of luck, enjoy your trip!

Rob said...

Bob I know you're getting married, again, and I have the proof.

Watch for the starteling details to be published soon at The Utah Amicus!


I think I'm going to have Mero join the blog.

CraigJ said...

Way to go Bobmeister.

Rob said...