Thursday, October 25, 2007

Don't effin swear at people!

Come on now, you're not going to win any hearts and minds with this kind of talk:

Him: "Vouchers are F***ed up and so are you for working for them"
Me: "Well, have a good day sir"
Him: "F*** you"

I mean, really. "Him" couldn't come up with anything better? And I thought I was wound tight at the moment.

The "me" in the conversation is Jeffrey Isbell. Given his reaction, I think that he and I could actually get along.

One day while I was canvassing in Kearns, I introduced myself and before I could even say why I was on his doorstep, the guy said "I'm Mormon!" and slammed the door in my face. My reaction was the same as I gave every door slam in Minnesota:

"Jesus still loves you...."


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