Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Great Pumpkin Doesn't Give a Damn about Vouchers

In the PCE email full of lies, they suggest handing out Oreos on Halloween. They then say that if you want a flier to hand out with the Oreos (I suspect Patrick Byrne of owning stock in Nabisco at this point), to shoot them off an email. I tried, but I haven't heard back from them. However, my spy was able to get his hands on it.

All it says is that "Even the Great Pumpkin supports Referendum 1! Please visit www.vouchercookies.com to find out what these cookies mean."

All the website has is the 30-second version of the Oreo ad with a link to the full version.

Oh, and the flier has a dumb picture of a pumpkin.

I'm not sure, but I think that if PCE has to resort to an ad with an endorsement of The Great Pumpkin, they are digging pretty deep.

After all, as I was reminded by looking him up on Wikipedia (my goodness, I am a geek), The great pumpkin probably won't bring votes for PCE.

According to Linus, when writing to the Great Pumpkin, you don't ask him to bring you anything specific: you wait for whatever he brings you. In this way, Linus states a difference between the Great Pumpkin and Santa Claus (children writing to Santa include in their letters lists of exactly what they want).

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Frank said...

"Operation Great Pumpkin" was created by conservative Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute. He swears by it. Similar things have included the "Great Pumpkins endorses..." etc

Not a fan of it here, pretty lame.