Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Greg Curtis holds gun to Gov Huntsman's Head

I can see the conversation now...

GC: Gov, we're down in recent polling 61-39. We need some help off the bench!
JH: Well, what do you want me to do? A large majority of my constituents want this thing to fail.
GC: Who cares what they think! You're the decider! You signed it into law!
JH: Yes, but we live in a representative democracy. The will of the people....
GC: Screw the people. I have gathered commitments from the Amway people for bumloads of cash to run a candidate against you in the primary if you don't.
JH: Bumloads?
GC: Pardon my bad language, but I'm really worried that the people might figure out how much we've messed other things up. We need to let them know we're still in charge.
JH: OK, OK. But I'm not filming one of those silly ads like Bishop did. That's just cheezy.
GC: Well, all you have to do is invite the press and read a statement. We'll have a camera there as well to record it at the most unflattering angle with bad lighting. That'll show those liberals!

The resulting ad:

This really comes across as a forced move by Republicans.

And, again, it's annother case of the Governor saying he would do one thing (not get involved) and doing the opposite (getting involved.)


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