Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Making Up Stories to Wear On Your Lapel

So, there was a big dustup last week about the fact that Barack Obama doesn't wear an American Flag Lapel pin.

Problem is, nobody else does, either.

The Caucus pulled photos from the last Democratic and Republican debates where most of the candidates appeared (before today, of course.)

It turns out that in the last Democratic debate, only 3 candidates eve bothered to wear lapel pins. Kucinich wore his official Congressional pin, Edwards wore a pin from his late son that he always wore, and Richardson wore an unknown pin.

In the Republican Debate, only two Republicans wore lapel pins. Rudy was sporting the American Flag, and Ron Paul sporting the Congressional pin.

Just annother attempt by the media to slam Obama.


P.S. Given the number of American Flag and other pins that come from China, maybe we should have them tested for lead paint. I'm just sayin....

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