Monday, October 01, 2007

More paid PCE "grassroots"

(Hat Tip: Accountability)

I've talked about Jeffrey Isbell, who stated on his blog that Parents for Choice in Education was flying him out to Utah to work as their "grassroots."

Now, we have someone else that has been caught.

From the Utah State Democratic Party blog:

Megan Risbon, treasurer of the Utah Democratic Party, was up at SnowBird last weekend enjoying Oktoberfest when she decided to ride the tram up to Hidden Peak.

One of the passengers struck up a conversation about vouchers with the other passengers. She seemed well-rehearsed: How dare a liberal, out-of-state, anti-voucher union come in and try to overturn a law enacted by Utah's very own Legislature and governor. She seemed appalled.

Megan had heard it all before and could not restrain herself. Her blood began to boil. Megan told the group, then jammed together hundreds of feet above the ground in a tram swaying back and forth, that a good chunk of that NEA money comes from Utah - donated by thousands of Utah educators who contribute to a national fund to defend local public schools everywhere in the U.S. from wealthy out-of-state conservatives and their secretive hirelings who would come in and tinker with our schools yet won't even identify themselves.

"Who pays your way to come to Utah and campaign for vouchers?" Megan demanded. The twentysomething pro-voucher activist replied in huff, "You don't need to know!"

The young woman did let on that she was from California, but that could have been apparent to anyone.

She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. It was snowing on top of Hidden Peak.

This is serious business. I wonder just how many people have been hired to come and work for vouchers from out of state.

If someone starts talking to you about vouchers, ask them who they work for and where they are from. And then drop me a line. 759-1080 or bobiscookiemonster AT yahoo DOT com.

And, just a warning to PCE: we're alwys watching you.....


JM Bell said...

I wonder who's funding Ethan's love of vouchers ... ?

If no one is, how come he hasn't found a way onto the PCE gravy train?

Since PCE is funded by Amway and WalMart money, I'm guessing that there are no benefits, either...

Cameron said...

I think we need to declare a War on Pro-Voucherites, and create a Department of Education (oh, wait..) to defend our borders from the invading hoards.