Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Lunch On Friday With Beautiful People and JM Bell

Last Friday was the Elenor Roosevelt Luncheon. I actually had two invites go to the luncheon for free. Since one of them was from work (and that invite came first), I sat with my coworkers. Actually just one coworker, as we had 12 people there, but the tables only sat 10.

I had barely entered the Sheraton Hotel when I saw JM Bell. He reports that he sat at a bloggers' table (which was my other invite) sponsored by The Utah Amicus. JM reports that the guest list at the table included:

Jason and Craig from the Sidetrack, Ryan (Republican) from For The People, Misty from Saintless and UtahForObama, Nikki from UtahForObama, Jeremy from Jeremy’s Jeremiad, and Rob’s hot mom.

I should have stopped by the table to meet some of those people.

People I actually spoke to at the luncheon were Pete Ashdown, Ralph Becker (the "doer" was also there, and looked about like JM Bell would in my ward -- like he wants to get the heck out of there), UEA's Vic Arnold, and Trisha Beck (her son was the coworker I sat with).


[UPDATED 11/30/07, 6:58 PM] JM called me on plagarism, which I have now attributed. I should also attribute that I stole the title from him as well. However, the religious-themed dig stays, as it wasn't meant to be religious-themed. *I* feel out of place in my ward most times....

If you are confused by this update, see the comments section.


JM Bell said...

so, first you copy and paste (plagiarize) the guest list at Rob's table from my blog, then you mock me in a religious-themed manner.

I'm not saying hi to you next time.

Misty Fowler said...

Dude, I haven't been to Bob's ward, but I'm pretty sure the image of your discomfort does accurately describe the Doer's discomfort. When I saw the Doer after the event, I really wanted to tell him that his ads are awful, and walk away. I behaved, though.

JM Bell said...

You know, Bob, I spend so much time getting kicked in the teeth about religion (you know, 'cause we Dems are all Hell bound, regardless) that I never stopped to consider that you might be in a terribly strange Ward.

My bad.


I hope you know I was being playful in my first comment. I'll always say hi to you, toots.