Monday, October 22, 2007

National Groups Imposing Things On Utahns, or why my problem isn't directly with Jeffrey Isbell

This is a post I was going to make before I got sick, but didn't get around to it, and it slipped through the cracks.

However, my friend Jeffrey Isbell took the bait. From the comment section of his blog:

This is no more of a local issue than Iran having nuclear weapons solely a Middle East issue. What is happening in Utah has the potential to set the table for future campaigns in regards to school vouchers across the nations. Wake up, sir, the eyes of School Voucher proponents all across America are on Utah, much like the eyes of education unions across America are on it hoping it fails.

See, you believe this is your state; but I believe this is my America. When I see an issue that I firmly believe in, I make myself available to help with it. If only more people would do this around the nation, we would overcome this theory that most americans are apathetic (our voter turnout proves this).

You see, sir, this about standing up for what I believe in whether you disagree with it or not. This isn't about traveling over 1,400 miles to get here, it's about being politically active and furthering this thing we call democracy.

Imagine if our founding fathers could see 200+ years into the future, back in 1776, and realized that people would just sit at home and blog about their feelings and views instead of acting upon them.

Being Pro-active is more than sitting on a couch in a distant place/state writing in a journal on the internet, I view being pro-active as seeing something that you agree with and going to show you agree with it no matter the distance or pay (if any).

Sir, if more bloggers would become pro-active, we'd have more people who would be encouraged to vote (one way or the other) through all of our actions in motivating them to do so.

My problem with Jeff is not his coming to Utah to work for something he believes in. That would be hypocrisy on my part. Is that any different than my going to Minnesota for two years to share the Gospel with those good people?

My problem lies in the hypocrisy of PCE complaining about NEA money (which Utah educators have paid into for years) coming in, but ignore the large percentage of their funding that comes from out of state. Not to mention their out of state employees.

Vouchers have always been about outside groups spending money to force this on Utah, in the hopes that it will spread across the country. Kinda like forcing democracy on the middle east. Only, instead of doing it with guns, they are doing it with money. Look at all the money the Walton heirs of plugged in to get pro-voucher legislators elected.

Recent polling has showed that 61% of Utahns will vote against vouchers in two weeks. 61%. That's a higher percentage then voted for John Huntsman in 2004.

Utahns don't want this program. Please stop forcing your views on us. You're wasting your money.


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