Thursday, October 25, 2007

Non-Bigot Patrick Byrne says we might as well burn some kids

On Tuesday night, Patrick Byrne, CEO of, had the audacity to call the vast majority of Utah teachers, every Democrat in the Utah Legislature, 1/3 of Republicans in the Utah House, the KSL editorial board, and 61% of the residents of this state bigots.

Of course, this shouldn't be a big surprise. After all, look at what he said about kids who don't graduate high school:

Of course, this is from a guy who is a childless bachelor who is undergoing a formal SEC investigation.

Of course, given the kind words he had for the Utah Legislature when he didn't get his way, I'm kind of disappointed that I'm only a bigot.

And, this upstanding gentleman is funding a large sale of the effort to pass referendum 1.


(Hat tip: Against Utah Vouchers and Gary Weiss)

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