Monday, October 22, 2007

Utah Women Political Bloggers

Misty over at Saintless has pondered the topic of women bloggers. It's an issue that I had never thought of.

Off the top of my head, I struggle to find many. I can't think of anyone at OneUtah or JMBel and Friends. The Utah Amicus has Emily Hollingshead.

The only local female political bloggers who run their own blogs (that I know of) are Saintless and Jen's Green Journal.

Anyone care to venture a guess as to why the bloghive is so male-sominated?



Davis Didjeridu said...

Holly Mullen regularly blogs at both Mullen Town and the City Weekly's blog. Other female writers post there also.
Natalie occasionally blogs at Education in Utah.
Another Green, Deanna Taylor, writes at Dee's 'Dotes.
While she mixes personal with political, Allie writes at The Life I am Choosing.
While it's a lot of clippings and press releases, it's still got a feed: Utah Moms for Clean Air.
I'll agree I have more male than female bloggers in my Sage newsreader, I think that's just my own biases. I hope there are more women politically blogging than I know, and I will add them to my list as I see them. However, I don't think it is because of lack of interest of aversion to blogging.

Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen said...

Good question, Bob. I wish I knew. It seems kind of consistent in a lot of ways with women getting political in general.

A few thoughts from my perspective: It's really hard to "put myself out there". I'm still of a generation (I grew up here in Utah in the 8o's where being aggressive or even assertive wasn't acceptable, although I've been evolving past such training for a few years now). I'm kind of afraid of being labeled bitchy (but not as afraid as I used to be when I was younger). Women who get feisty (which happens a lot in blogs)tend to be denigrated a lot more than men with equal feisty-ness. A good example might be Hillary Clinton. Lord knows I'm not a fan of war-mongering Mrs. Clinton, but the right loathes her with a passion that they didn't quite feel for her husband.

I'm a little concerned about attracting criticism for what I'm active in and not being a totally devoted mom. I also don't have as much time to blog as I'd like, between work, family life and activist projects. I do feel a little selfish when I spend too much time on the computer rather than with my family, even though my husband is very supportive.

Just a side-note: I do also blog occasionally for One Utah, but I don't like to repeat content between that site and my own, and since I don't always have a lot of computer time, my personal blog gets a higher priority.

meg said...

I agree with Jen. It's hard to put yourself out there. But when you're a woman with opinions and thoughts that are her own (shock & awe!), it's even harder to tell the world how you really feel about politics out of fear of being labeled.

And, just because you don't know about us, doesn't mean we don't exist!

Salt H2O said...

Interesting Blog Topic. I'm not a political blogger as much as I make social commentary, and if politics provide some entertainment I'll blog about those.

I'm too ADD to focus just on politics- and too busy to have more than one blog.