Sunday, November 04, 2007

KSL: 1 Millionaire out in force

KSL has a story posted last night on their website. The headline says "Supporters of School Vouchers Out in Force"

The text of the story:

(KSL News) Recent poll results show the controversial Referendum 1 will not pass. Despite those numbers, supports of school vouchers were out in full force Saturday night.

Representatives from Parents for Choice in Education stood outside the EnergySolutions Arena wearing signs and handing out fliers.

The group members say they believe the voucher program could still pass, and they will continue work until Tuesday to gain voter support.

The picture is of Patrick Byrne, the bachelor behind most of the funding for "Parents" for Choice in Education, handing out flyers in from of the Jazz game.

Said flyers were seen littered on the plaza and in the gutters after the game.

Bachelors for Litter.


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Susan said...

They were on most corners- my husband and I got bombarded when we walked up. I did not see any opposition campaigns.