Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Look for a large number of new lobbyists in 2009


“Now we’ll see whether the Republican-controlled legislative branch will see the vote as the anti-voucher statement it is, or ignore the result and try to foist another version of this far-right invention on Utah’s more sensible electorate”

First off, no one can “ignore the results” because they are legally binding.

The problem is that the democratic process guarantees voucher proponents the opportunity to bring it up again.

And again.

And my comment:


Utahns overwhemingly said that they don’t want vouchers.

Vouchers lost big.




In a democracy, the will of the people is done. If the legislature is smart, they will put vouchers on the back burner for a while. If not, several of them will be looking for jobs in about 360 days…


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