Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Patrick Byrne: Utahns are stupid

Patrick Byrne, the millionaire bachelor behind parents for choice in education just said on FOX13 that referendum 1 was a "statewide IQ test."

Either he just called the state of Utah stupid, or he called us smart, and the Utah Legislature and himself stupid.

I think he meant the former. I think the truth is the latter.


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Anonymous said...

He's right.

I've worked with several political campaigns in Utah and I can tell you that Utah voters are some of the most politically apathetic, willfully ignorant, sheep anywhere.

Vouchers are good for children. Period. Sure some public schools will have to change due to market pressures because of vouchers, but that's a good thing. It means better teachers, better schools, and children who are actually educated.

Indeed, Utah failed. It failed it's children and it gave a pass to a failing school system and a corrupt union that runs it.

Dan "the barbarian" Willis