Thursday, November 22, 2007

Politicians Tell Us We're Stupid

From KVNU's For The People:

Have you, dear reader, ever thought about what the politicians are telling us when they come up with some cockamamie idea for controlling the rest of us? What are they really saying when they propose that some new law be approved by some branch of government?

Take, for example, the proposal by a member of the Logan City Council that owners of rental property in the city be licensed. The stated purpose is to make sure that tenants will have a safe place to live.


To all of us, that council member is saying that we should not be allowed to make decisions for ourselves. That the council was elected to control everything that goes on in the city, and only its members know what is best for us. The council member is also saying that the present system of zoning and building codes (the underlying purpose of which is to assure that living conditions are safe) have failed. If it had not, we would not need more regulations.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard your buddy Rob Miller say the same things about voters being stupid.