Thursday, November 01, 2007

War Voucher

From the STOP VOUCHERS group on Facebook:

Haley Swenson (Vanderbilt) wrote
at 11:53pm yesterday
And quite frankly, I get so tired of these arguments for "choice." The existence of private schools in the first place demonstrates that we have choices. We can send our kids to get public educations or we can pay what it costs to send them to private schools. Choice does not mean you get to opt out of your responsibility to fund public education. When I file my taxes, do I get to add a memo that says my money shouldn't go to funding a war I think is completely immoral? No. I do have the freedom to protest against the war and try to elect officials who will either get out us out of the war or fight it in a way I approve of. Same goes for public education. If I don't like it, I don't get my money back. I try to reform it.

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rmwarnick said...

Every American owes $8,000 for the war in Iraq. What if I could take that money and apply it to a solar energy system for my house instead of for trying to seize a bunch of Middle East oilfields?