Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I lost, but don't forget to Vote in my straw poll

Well, I lost in the voting for the BlogHive Advisory Board. I was in 4th place until the 7th place person dropped out. Then I got bumped to 6th place and out of the running.

I've heard some rumors of some dirty 11th-hour campaign tactics employed by someone, but I dont read unimportant blogs. Maybe someone could help me out there.

That being said, I still want to educate my friends about IRV, so vote in my Presidential Straw Poll.



Bigger Bob said...

Bob, too bad you lost. But I was encouraged by your your ability to pander.

I'm very concerned about your double life Bob. Very concerned. I hope you, and you victims, get the treatmant you all need.

The truth is Bob, I blame myself. Maybe if I had been a better brother, I could have stopped you from drinking that Draino in the fifth grade.

Well, at least you didn't pull me into your sicko situation, and all I can say is, "Why not Bob, why not?"

Bradley said...

The interesting thing about your poll so far, is that Ron Paul does very well as people's first choice, but poorly as people's second choice. I wonder what that tells us about the pros and cons of an IRV system.

The Senate Site said...

We've discussed IRV to death in GOP circles - one of the criticisms is that, over several rounds, it seems to skew toward the more noncontroversial candidates. Maybe that's good.

Bob - what were you doing with my wife?