Thursday, December 27, 2007

Renounce War, Proclaim Peace

Although many of you have probably already read this on other blogs, I'm reposting it so that you can read it to.

“We renew our declaration that international disputes can and should be settled by peaceful means. That is the way of the Lord.
We call upon the statesman of the world to assume their rightful control of the affairs of nations and to bring this war to an end, honorable and just to all. Animated and led by the spirit of Christ, they can do it. The weeping mothers, the distraught and impoverished wives, the fatherless children of the world, demand this be done. In this way only will enduring peace come; it will never be imposed by armed force. Hate driven militarists and leaders with murder in their hearts, will, if they go though to the end, bring merely another peace that will be but the beginning of another war.
We call upon the Saints the world over to pray to God constantly in faith, nothing doubting, that He will bring His purposes speedily to pass and restore peace again to the earth to bless His children.”

Who was it that said this? Some crazy liberal organization? Surely they must know that we are engaged in a global war between good and evil! Don't they remember that we were attacked?!

In reality, the organization who issued this statement was the First Presidency of the LDS Church in October 1942, less that a year after Pearl Harbor.


(Thanks to Centerville Citizen for finding this.)

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WP said...

Thanks Bob for posting this. I think we all can do a little more in trying to change the attitudes of so many who have become seduced with the carnal security of weapons and deterrents in this war filled world.