Saturday, January 12, 2008

Calling Evil Good and Good Evil

LDS scriptures talk about a day coming when many, including the righteous, will call evil good and good evil.

So, I had to laugh when GOP Lobbyist/chairman Stan Lockhart published an op-ed saying that Utah voters vote Republican because they are a bunch of good guys.

Next comes an op-ed from Utah County Democratic Chair Richard Davis, detailing some of the hits from the "Good Guy" party in the past year. Parade floats, Tilton's nuclear conflict, and vouchers, vouchers, vouchers.

And, the big finish:

Lockhart says that the "Republicans represent the morals and ideals of Utahns." The state Republican Party chairman insults all Utahns with such a statement. But it is particularly insulting to the citizens of Utah County.
Their arrogance and unethical behavior don't represent the morals and values of Utah County citizens or Utahns generally.
All of this doesn't even address the policy failures of these same "good guys." For example, while the traffic problem has worsened in Utah County, Republican leaders (both state and county) have dragged their feet on finding solutions or options.
That Lockhart has to assure us that GOP legislators are the "good guys" is indicative of his concern that voters are starting to catch on to how their lawmakers fail to represent their values and ideals. It's time for a change; Utahns clearly deserve real good guys.

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