Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jim Matheson Currently Speaking at Utah House of Represntatives

-Talked about stimulus packages

-Now is the time to get in line for federal transportation dollars, as those requests are going to increase with $100 a barrel oil.

-talked about energy.

-moving to get tailings pile in Moab cleaned up. Pushing things forward.

-Pushing efforts to research wireless communication to aid in communicating with miners who may be trapped.

-He told legislators to tell constituents that come to them for federal problems to feel free to call him.

-Asked by Becky Lockhart about spending monies on I15, I80, etc outside of SLC.
--Rep Lockhart also asked about receiving fed gas tax money back to spend as we please. Rep. Matheson says more gas tax money is spent in Utah than Utah pays.

-Was asked by Rep Barrus about oil shale.

-Matheson said hi from the dias to Rep Bowman and said he glad to see Bowman present. Rep Bowman thanked Matheson for his personal get well note.

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