Friday, January 04, 2008

Lies, Damn lies, and making crap up from Rep. Frank

From Representative Craig Frank (bold and italics added by me):

In his commentary, Stan points out some of the dilluted and misleading statistics Mr. Rolly used to try to flush out the perceived gerrymandering , which allegedly took place during the 2001 redistricting process.

Check out his link for Gerrymandering, look at this map, and tell me that gerrymandering is not real:

Or, maybe district 25 will work for you:

District 37 makes a lot of sense:

Rep Frank's own district is not without it's own problems:

But my favorite district is 67:

What do you "perceive" to be your favorite "allegedly" gerrymandered district?


Obi wan liberali said...

Like I've written before, the case of Tooele County is really bizzarre. A significant sized county that is rapidly growing has one house member, Jim Gowans, living within it's borders. It's other represenetative lives in Box Elder.

On the Senate side, they are represented out of Nephi, Tremonton, West Valley City and Spanish Fork.

A citizen of Tooele who votes Republican is like a rooster investing in Kentucky Fried Chicken. Makes no sense at all.

As for Rep. Frank, his post was one the worst I've seen in the blogosphere since Dougall took a hiatus.

Tom Grover said...

If you want to see some even better gerrymandering check out the Senate Side, specifically Senator Pete Knudsons district. It has all of Brigham, a small portion of southern Cache County and 1/4 of Toole... that's right Tooele.

Tooele is punished in the state senate for not being Republican enough by dividing the town among 4 different Senate districts.

WP said...

Why is there any surprise in any of this? It is simply the result for toooooo long a complete domination by one party of Utah government. My representative, Roger Barrus in defending the R cabal simply said, "George, if you knew all that I did you would vote the same way." We do not have representative government in this state. Had dinner with an attorney who works for the state government in CA. The maximum any lobbyist can gift anyone in their government is $10.00. What a difference that is from our state.