Friday, January 04, 2008

Romney Embarrasses me as a Mormon

Want my honest opinion on Mitt Romney?


And I'm not talking about his 8-point loss in Iowa yesterday.

I'm talking about his words and his actions.

"We'll try and represent ourselves and our nation well also to our kids because I think, I think kids watch the White House and there have been failures in the past in the White House — if you go back to the Clinton years and recognize that — that I think had an enormous impact on the culture of our country," Romney said. "And we'll do our very best, our whole family will to — well, if we can't be perfect, we'll do our best to uphold and to be a good example for the kinds of values I think people expect from our leaders."

As the member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with the most exposure right now, I would expect Mitt to uphold and be a good example for the kinds of values people expect from Mormons.

Or should I say, what people should except from Mormons.

Jesus was asked what the most important commandment was. He said that there are two great commandments. The first one was to Love God.

When you deny God's speaking to man, you don't show Him much love.

When you lie, you are not showing his love.

We, as Mormons, are taught to believe in being honest, true, and in doing good to all men. In fact, one of the questions you must answer before entering the Temple is "Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man?"

Well, Mitt, are you?

The second great commandment, according to Jesus, was to love one another. Mitt Romney and his fellow Republicans would add onto the end: but don't love them too much, lest they think ye might be gay.



Rob said...

We all have our faults Bob, and I truly have mine.

Good post.

WP said...

I am embarrassed when I travel and people ask me where I am from and I have to say Utah. The smiles wilt a little and then I have to assure them I am a card carrying member of the minority party here, one of ten Democrats of my little town of Centerville.

Good post and could not agree more!