Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Buttars is back, not going anywhere

I knew Sen Buttars didn't forget my birthday! Buttars is a blogger's best friend, and the gift is going to continue through November.

That's right, Senator Buttars told the Tribune's Robert Gehrke that he's not only not resigning, but he's planning on running for reelection.

And, given his very loving statements from last week, the words he used to attack his attackers is very, um, choice:

"hate lynch mob"


derekstaff said...

What?! A Utah conservative in trouble, and he's not blaming the media? What is this world coming to?

Oh, a "hate lynch mob." The Utah Republican party is second to none in its knack for ironic phrases.

Anonymous said...

this is a fake uproar concocted by the sl trib and their fag allies.

in truth this is a scheme to distract buttars from fighting against the fag marriage registry.

the sl tribtune is a scummy outfit and does not represent utah in any way.

derekstaff said...

And there it is. Thank goodness. I was going to have to start checking the sky for pigs if we didn’t get conservatives scapegoating the media for this controversy.

Anonymous said...

hey there you free speech phony, yeah right…YOU!!!and pull your pants up!!

you are a hypocrite liar who publicly preaches free speech (except when it is something with which you disagree)but who really hates open discourse.

let’s see how stupid you people really are: (rules of the truly stupid souless morons):

1. anyone who might say, “hey, you have a black mark on your {record}{shirt} {soul}” is a racist devil to be destroyed.
If i say “that black mark on your record is one ugly baby” I should have my gonads removed by a team of man hating lesbian trasgendered half elf midgets with a speech impediment.

Pay attention to which media outlets are pumping up this story. These are the enemies of free speech.

2. Only black people can use the word “lynched”, even if they live in Lynchberg, Tenn. or Lynchberg, Va. And they should be fired if they aren’t black. All whites who are named Lynch must be sent to a concentration camp run by …. you get the idea.

3. If i say “white lie” I am a racist who must be destroyed, unless I am a homo, woman, oriental, indio, or….anything besides a white male.

This reminds me of the lynching of Don Imus. And that was concocted to discipline the talk show host roster to not speak ill of Hillary.