Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Go WEST young man

Our western neighbor Nevada is possibly going to have a voucher fight on their hands. Because it worked so well here.

From Out of Context:

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a "shadowy group of right-wingers" has filed papers with the state indicating it wants to put school vouchers on the November ballot in Nevada. read it here

The group is led by Carson City conservative activist Chuck Muth, a former campaign-worker-turned-foe of Congressman Chris Cannon.

Muth told the Review-Journal that the only reason vouchers failed in Utah was that the teachers' union poured oodles of money into the campaign and the backers "didn't have the resources to compete."

Um ... not exactly.

It's true that the teachers union spent a lot of money on the campaign: $3.2 million according to disclosures filed with the state by the voucher-opposition group Utahns for Public Schools. But voucher-supporting Parents for Choice? It dumped $5.2 million into the losing effort.

-- Dan Harrie

Maybe Partick Byrne will be moving to Vegas....


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