Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Today has been amazing

I have had the unique opportunity to help man the help/complaint line at Utah Democratic Primary Headquarters all day today. In fact, I'll be here until polls close tonight, when I'll head down to the Young Democrats' party at Cannella's on the corner of 500 south 200 East.

So, what calls have we been getting today?

-The number one type of call I have gotten is people who are registered as Republicans but wanted to vote Democratic today and couldn't.

-People wanting to know their poling location.

-People upset tat they had to declare to the poll worker which primary they were voting in.

-People looking for the phone numbers/addresses of the Obama and Clinton campaigns.

-People who just called to say they were excited to vote.


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Andrew said...

Great work, Bob. Thanks for volunteering your time to help out.