Monday, February 25, 2008

Twice as powerful as Gayle Ruzika

Gayle Ruzika and the Utah Eagle Forum are supposedly the most powerful people in Utah Politics.

I'm here to declare that that notion is baloney.

Last week, Gayle's Eagle Forum issued a petition in support of Senator Chris Buttars. Even with some obviously false names on the list, their list is at 152.

The next day, I sent out my own petition opposing Buttars. I posted about it and sent out an email. People who got my email or read my blog passed it on to their friends. While there are many fake names on the list, my list is at 428.

In fact, I just counted all the fake names on my list. 128.


300 signatures vs. 152.

You and I are more powerful than the Utah Eagle Forum.

1 comment:

Jason The said...

Feel the POWAH! of angry bloggers!

The petition was a great idea. I hope it keeps growing.