Sunday, March 30, 2008

Becky Lockhart Hearts Tobacco

From Salt Lake Crawler:

Lockhart sponsored a bill that would change the way tobacco is taxed, she said, to raise the price of chewing tobacco and protect kids. But a closer look showed Lockhart's bill would actually lower the price of Skoal and Copenhagen. Did I mention the bill was being lobbied by Gary Thorup, lobbyist for Skoal and Copenhagen?

Skoal and Copenhagen account for 80% of the chewing tobacco market.

Lockhart's opponent this year is Dr Boyd Petersen. Dr Petersen is the chair of Mormon Studies at UVU.


Obi wan liberali said...

I've dealt with Thorup in the past. If he is pushing a bill, it is not based upon the public good. Trust me on this. He has spent his life trying to minimize the tax liability of big companies. He's a hired gun for the powerful, not someone interested in the public good.

Barbara said...

"He's a hired gun for the pwerful, not someone interested in the public good." That kinda described the majority of the Utah Legislature doesn't it? Well, the majority leadership at least.